Current Resources Evaluation

Regalis has access to over 1,500km of good quality 2D seismic database acquired by Esso over the DOA block in 2006.

 Regalis mapped 8 prospects with 547 mmbbl of prospective recoverable resources certified by McDaniels.

 Approximately 17 prospects were identified by Esso (prior operator) in the DOA block.


Mangara Field

Originally discovered by Conoco in 1977.

Mangara initially thought to have circa 40MMbbls recoverable.

Caracal appraisal demonstrated material reserves upgrade to 80 MMbbls.

Production expected to exceed 30,000bbl/d.


Krim Field

Caracal spudded the Krim exploration target in early August 2013 and in September, drilled to a total depth of 3,332m

Initial testing of the E sands achieved a maximum natural flow rate of 2,580 bbl/d at a flowing wellhead pressure of 120 psi.

Approved for development for export via Mangara October 2014.